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Author: Annabelle

Best wearable gadgets of 2021

With the advancement in technology comes the rise in modern gadgets. Gadgets are an essential item that we need to make our work easier. It comes in handy in our everyday life, almost all tasks are done with the use of different gadgets. Gadgets are used for cleaning, making a call, cooking and many other […]

Top T-Shirt Trends to Follow In 2020/21

Designing your individual t-shirt can be quite a fun, creative activity, and might create for you some funds if you sell your designs. Whether you would like to print the shirt yourself or send rid of it to a professional printer, you are able to still develop the look for your shirt right in your […]

Investment and interesting facts about stocks

By using the analysis of each company’s financial statements, we could be able to predict fewer tips about their stock exchange, and also by dissecting their financial ratios. This information is enough to determine whether their company is in a buying or else selling position. Most people would know about AT&T company, and for those […]