With the advancement in technology comes the rise in modern gadgets. Gadgets are an essential item that we need to make our work easier. It comes in handy in our everyday life, almost all tasks are done with the use of different gadgets. Gadgets are used for cleaning, making a call, cooking and many other activities. Although gadgets are very important to us and are much needed, they can also lead to laziness and depression this is because everyone is stuck with different gadgets, they have little or no time to socialize.

There are different types of gadgets and below is a list of wearable gadgets.

·    Google glass

This is a device that looks like a pair of glasses, it was designed to give information about the focus of one’s vision. It is controlled by voice and motion, it can also be used to access maps, calendars, internet browsers and other apps by voice command.

·    Get Active Slim

This is a wearable device that tracks your activities and measures sleep quality. It comes in different colours and with a sleek design. By tracking your activities, it measures the calories burnt and the total distance travelled. This device helps you set a daily target for your health and keeps you fit.

·    GPS shoes

This is a shoe that has been designed to keep track of your location. The shoe has a GPS tracking device embedded in the heel of the shoe, this GPS sends location signals to a monitoring system for easy location of the person wearing them. This can be used as a safety precaution in case of kidnap or when someone is missing, this can be used to track them.

·    Fin Ring

This is a device worn as a ring on the thumb, it is a Bluetooth-enabled device that controls devices connected to it. It can control other smart devices like smartphones, smart tv, cars and other smart automated devices.

·    Spotnsave Wristband

This is a wristband or a bracelet that is worn on the wrist, it uses Bluetooth technology and a GPS to send location signals to a connected device. The bracelet is for android users while the keychain or neckpiece is for iOS users. When this device is worn, it reads the location of the wearer using a GPS, the wearer would have to double click this device so that location information would be sent across.

·    Smart Watches

A smartwatch is a device that is worn on the wrist, is a watch that tells time but has other embedded features. To be able to access all the features of a smartwatch, you’ll need to connect the watch to a phone using a Bluetooth connection. A smartwatch has the following features: A heart rate monitor; which monitors the rate at which your heartbeats. A pedometer; measures the number of steps you take. A blood pressure monitor; monitors the blood pressure. Sleep monitor; this monitors the amount and quality of sleep per day. Activity tracker; this monitors one’s activity thereby calculates the number of calories burnt.

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