When looking for trading signals, DEMA is the most widely used moving average. It smooths the data exponentially over a given period of time. There are two types of DEMA, the first of which smooths the output, and the second, or ta-lib, is compatible with other moving averages. It was first described by Tim Tillson in Stocks & Commodities V16:1 in January 1998. It was also developed by Tushar Chande in 1995.

The DEMA indicator can be used to confirm trends or identify divergences. It is similar to the popular moving average, but it is faster and smoother. It can be used to combine other indicators that use moving averages, such as the simple moving average. It is often used by swing traders and day traders. But long-term investors may find more value in the traditional moving average. So, when trading, make sure to learn about the DEMA indicator.

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When using a DEMA, remember that the formula is the same as for customary moving averages. When the price crosses above or below the DEMA, the price is affirmed to be in an upswing. When it crosses below the DEMA, however, it confirms that the price has entered a bearish trend. In fact, in short-term bearish trends, the price may have already reversed. Therefore, DEMA is particularly useful when it comes to predicting short-term trends.

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The DEMA has some advantages over the EMA. It eliminates the natural slack in Moving Averages by setting more weight on the ongoing qualities of the stock. The name suggests that it uses two moving averages to smooth the data. The double EMA was first mentioned by Patrick G. Mulloy in 1994. The EMA uses two exponential moving averages to reduce the lag time of a moving average. By reducing the lag, the DEMA indicator becomes more responsive to price changes.

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