Do you know the Watcher24 application? Well, the Watcher24 application is an application that can be used for counting the number of visitors in your Xing account. It is a part of the Xing Visitor Smartphone App. You can download the application on your smartphone via Google Play Store. It is a simple application since the user doesn’t need to use the PC. The size of the application is only 8.7 Mb. Moreover, this application is working for 24 hours which makes it comfortable to use for busy people. If you want to get the more advantages of the Watcher24 application, you may need to register as a premium member.

What you can do for becoming a premium member?

Well, becoming a premium member can give more chances for people to explore their accounts. The premium member is allowed to know more profile visitors on Xing. If you know the profile of your visitor, you can click and visit their profile. Then, if you can visit more profile visitor, there will be more visitors that see your account. Therefore, it will be a great chance for you to promote and make an advertisement for your products. It is interesting, isn’t it? Almost 60% of the 16 million-member in The Watcher24 register as the premium member. It indicated that becoming a premium member is a good thing for their business.

The advantages of the Wacther24 application

There are some advantages when you use the Watcher24 application. Since the application can be used in a smartphone, it only needs a small amount of electrical power. So, it saves electricity costs. You can still focus on your main business while waiting for the application. So, your business can be promoted and worked at the same time. Moreover, the member of this application is more than 16 million people. You will get easily a huge number that can be your target audience. And by defining the description of your target audiences, the application will filter the member that are matched with your target audiences. That will help you to save your time and to get the suitable target audiences. By becoming the premium member, you can see the profile visitors that visited your account and get the feedback. The “portfolio” section can be used as a description of your products. You can make an advertisement in that section by uploading the detail and picture of your products as well as the link to your website. If you stop using this application, you can still return to use it again. You don’t need to make the new account. The number of visitors in this application is comparable with other applications. Considering the performance of this application, it’s not much to say that this application is worthy to be installed on your smartphone. Well, if you have any intention to promote your products, it will be much easier to use this application due to its advantages as mentioned above. Just go to google play store, install Wacther24, and see what will happen next.

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