“Siri, tell me where is the nearest Starbucks!”

Today each of us can simply ask gadgets whatever we need to find out and get the answer within a few seconds. That’s how we can save time without the need to search for the info by ourselves.

Advanced technologies significantly simplify our daily reality and turn to be indispensable for business purposes as well. We shall explore what it takes to make a personal assistant app.

Critical factors to take into account when developing a voice assistant service

We shall distinguish the key points that must be considered in the process to ensure the success of your startup:

  • The name. It’s essential to come up with a unique and spectacular name for the platform you’re building. It has to be concise and catchy. Moreover, think about the phrase people have to say to start it.
  • Voice strategy. The idea is to establish a working approach to keep your strategy effective. Obviously, every app owner dreams that his brainchild will join the rank of the greatest software, thus, to achieve the desired one shall elaborate a detailed plan of operative actions.
  • UX/UI. Proper usability plays a significant part since a voice assistant program you create must be intuitive and customer-oriented.
  • Features. A virtual assistant resource is designed to execute specific commands, meaning, it shall have certain skills for that. You could start with a few features only and add new possibilities step by step.
  • The right services. An important aspect is to choose the most optimal tools to make an online system in the best possible way. Voice technologies must be integrated with wisdom. Explore the available options and figure out which one will better work for you. To create a virtual assistant app for iOS and Android you might need to resort to professional developers with appropriate expertise who will handle all challenges described below.
  • Clients’ needs. You’ll need to carefully study your target audience. In order to develop a popular digital assistant application, you have to realize what people expect. Your online platform is supposed to solve real users’ problems.

create a virtual assistant app for iOS and Android

Limitations such solutions have

Personal assistant software provides great possibilities, however, it’s far from being almighty. Before you get down to its designing, it’s better for you to get familiar with the difficulties you’ll probably face on the way.

# UX/UI limitations

When applying 3rd party means to create a voice-based program, be prepared to get a resource with imminent limitations. For instance, it’ll be pretty impossible to make any significant changes to the interface or include widgets of your choice. Then, you’ll have to deal with what’s provided. To avoid those issues you’ll need to build a system from scratch.

# Adequate training of the audience

You as an owner need to find a simple approach to explain to people how to apply your smart voice service. Users have to understand what phrases must be said to execute particular commands.

# Misunderstanding of the context

Voice-based virtual assistants have to understand the context properly, otherwise, there’s no way to avoid unpleasant consequences. People won’t really appreciate to end up in a ridiculous situation because of their personal assistant solutions.

# Poor multilingual support

Existing virtual assistants are great at recognizing English. Though, it’s somewhat challenging to ensure multilanguage support, as the implementation of one extra language demands considerable effort, money, and time.

# The probability to annoy users

As a matter of fact, virtual assistant applications are pretty good at human speech recognition. Nevertheless, in around 3% of instances, customers have to repeat commands multiple times. It means clients might get slightly frustrated and irritated.

No need to get upset, since advanced technologies never stop developing and in the nearest future the issues mentioned above will simply disappear. If you check some statistical data you’ll see that the IQ indicator of all AI solutions doubles every few years. That serves to develop voice-based platforms at the same rate.

Benefits of building virtual assistants

create a virtual assistant app for iOS and Android

Let’s discover what key benefits businesses gain after having integrated voice technologies:

  • the introduction of virtual assistants significantly increases the conversion rates;
  • entrepreneurs obtain additional tools to provide better services to their customers;
  • due to the fact that such software carries out multiple simple tasks, companies can save up to 60% of their costs by hiring fewer staff members or maintaining a smaller number of premises;
  • voice assistant programs simplify numerous business processes allowing personnel to take care of more strategical tasks.

The possibilities of personal assistant resources we have these days are truly impressive. They are capable of recognizing around 96% of speech, finding the required data fast, analyzing it effectively. What’s more, they could be easily integrated into an online system. And, experts believe that’s only the beginning, and our future is promising and prosperous.

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