For industry that uses hot melt adhesive, having melters is important. This is necessary part to melt the adhesive material, so it is ready to use. However, some industries still use the less advanced melters and it is quite risky because there is direct contact to the melters in which it uses the high temperature to melt the adhesive before it is ready to use. Then, it is not quite effective and efficient in term of energy consumption. Because of that, Robatech brings advanced technology of adhesive melters to help the industries that use the hot melt adhesive. Robatech melters have great benefits for the industries.

Increased Efficiency of Melters

Robatech melters have some points of benefit. One of them is its efficiency. It has technology of Melt-in-Demand. This is something that will be needed in the industries. Some melters are hard to control. The temperature, volume, and even quantity of melted adhesive cannot be controlled or managed easily. Thus, the melters will be lack in term of its efficiency. Meanwhile, the melters from Robatech with its technology provide access to manage the melting process, capacity, and the output. It is easier to use, and it will bring more effectiveness and efficiency in application of hot melt adhesive.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Melters of hot melt adhesive require high temperature. Because of that, energy consumption becomes the concern. It needs high power consumption to maintain the heat and it will bring higher costs for the industry when the melters must melt high quantity of adhesive material. In this case, Robatech melters bring better management of power consumption. It can reduce general consumption of energy compared to the other melters but it still can bring the same results in heating and melting the adhesive. In addition, the melters have its own mechanism to increase safety in which it will not have risks of burnt and any accident during the operation of melters.

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