Everyday online shopping is becoming widely adopted. The ease and convenience it offer have made people increasingly prefer it instead of traditional brick-and-mortar stores. From a single online store platform, you can get various products with discounts and offers. While online shopping offers a wide variety of advantages, it also has its shortcomings. Not each online shopper is satisfied with the online shopping experience. Below is a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages that online shopping offers. If you want to know more about online shopping, you can also look at it-nerd24.

The advantages of online shopping.

It saves time

Online shopping saves time as a shopper will not have to stand in a cash counter queue to pay for an item after purchasing it. One can shop from the comfort of their workplace or home and will not have to spend time traveling.  A shopper can also search for the products they need by just using search engines or by just entering a keyword on the shopping site.

A shopper can make comparisons

Online stores display a variety of the products they offer to suit clients with diverse needs and tastes. A shopper can select from the variety by comparing price, features, and the displayed products’ finish. It is also possible to compare the prices from the different manufacturers.

It saves money

With the emergence of many online shops, online stores are increasingly offering discounts to attract more clients. The fact that online stores don’t incur costs such as real estate and maintenance costs means that they can provide attractive discounts on their products, which helps to save money.

They offer online tracking.

With online shopping, clients are offered the capability to track their order’s status during the delivery process.

One can find products quickly

It is much easier to find a product in an online store than in a physical store. Typically, in a physical store, one has to search for the product that they need. If the product isn’t there, you will have visited various locations, which is time-consuming and frustrating. However, when it comes to an online shop, you only need to use the store’s search feature to locate the product that you need. After you have found the product, you will be able to complete the transaction just by clicking a button. If you fail to find the product in one online store, you can switch to another without wasting time.

One is protected by buyer protection

Reputable online stores offer buyer protection. Thus, if your item isn’t delivered or the one delivered does not match the one in the description, the online store will refund your money.

Disadvantages of online shopping

There are shipping costs and other hidden costs

On first locating a product in an online shopping store, the price at first seems cheaper. However, you find additional costs when you proceed to payment, including packing charges, shipping, and taxes. At times these charges may make a product expensive than it would have been if you had bought it at a local physical store. At times some portals offer free shipping if your shopping exceeds a certain amount. This free shipping incentive may make a shopper end up shopping more than they had planned.

It impossible to bargain

Bargaining can help you save lots of cash when it comes to shopping. However, online stores don’t offer the bargaining option; instead, they offer coupons, discounts, and cashback which can only be done on a few selected products and seasonally. The lack of the capability to bargain may make one end up spending more cash in online shopping than in physical shops.

There is no interaction in online shopping

While shopping at a brick-and-mortar store, clients are offered personal attention by a sales assistant. The sales assistant also provides comprehensive details regarding a product. In case of any questions, a client can always ask right away. However, when it comes to online shopping, this is not the case. A shopper can only read a product’s description, see its picture, and see the client reviews in some portals. This lack of interaction may result in purchasing a product that does not meet all the requirements that a client needs.


This is one of the greatest disadvantages that online shopping offers. Majority of persons are attracted to the great offers that online shopping offers, which looks too good to be true.  Some fake online portals display great products on their platforms, and clients are attracted to purchase from the portals. Some portals also take advantage of clients’ credit cards and use them to make fraudulent transactions.

In conclusion, with this article, the reader can understand the advantage and disadvantages of online shopping.

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